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© 2007-2016
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March 29, 2008

Earth Hour 2008, 8pm Local Time

Aalborg - Aarhus - Adelaide - Atlanta - Bangkok - Bogota - Brisbane -
Canberra - Chicago - Christchurch - Copenhagen - Darwin - Dublin -
Hobart - Manila - Melbourne - Montreal - Odense - Ottawa - Perth -
Phoenix - San Francisco - Santa Cruz - Suva and Lautoka - Sydney -
Tel Aviv - Toronto - Vancouver...

... but not Paris !

(I'm sorry, but some people will do their best).
We can give a twist to our bad habits from now on.
So just let's do it.
Because we can.
Because switching off the lights for one hour, one day, isn't going to solve
the challenge presented by climate change...

Greenpeace did something in Paris, see Changing Life...

The way we use the planet's resources makes up our ecological footprint.
Check yours here !

first took action last year on climate change.


The British Antarctic Survey says an ice shelf is breaking off the Antarctic peninsula
because of global warming.

Last but not Least...

Phosphorescent Pasta !
for a romantic dinner at home,
in the dark.


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