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March 07, 2008

The World according to Monsanto /arte.france

Got a TV ? then switch it on !
on March 11th, 9pm arte presents :

"The World According to Monsanto",
2008, drama.
- Marie-Monique Robin, novel author

and movie director.
- Starring : Monsanto, the firm who
loves you !

Whilst they pretend GMO are safe products,
there are a few people thinking Monsanto's

got a funny way of looking at health...

Uploaded on 6 Jun 2008
- Good and Bad News must spread over... thanks Dave. 
- check out DandelionSalad's article... - the Ethicurean's open letter to Monsanto... - and the TopList links about Monsanto...

Sept. 2010 update > Germany has banned the cultivation of GM corn, claiming that MON 810 is dangerous for the environment. But that argument might not stand up in court and Berlin could face fines totalling millions of euros if American multinational Monsanto decides to challenge the prohibition on its seed. (Check it out to read more).


Dog Lover said...

Thanks for your comment my friend...You are cat lover. This book in your French language..If in English I hope I can understand. Happy week end

Παναγιώτης Μπαζιωτόπουλος said...

The whole argument about the dangers of GM food is pathetically distorted to serve peculiar minority interests…

This world, the world we live in, can not live without Genetically Modified food.

If you see what is going on in Africa then you will have the answer.

If you read the statistics about how long the Japanese people live you will have another answer..

If you consider so many other issues as is for example smoking, then you will see where the real danger is…

If for example a person is talking against GM food and smokes this person is at least an idiot and at most a very dangerous individual for our society…

The above does not mean that we should not keep an eye on food modifications in the same way as we do for medicine…

Medicine is far more dangerous than genetically modified food but there everybody has show a very peculiar lack of investigative interest…

Shall I take this a as result of fear of death, explaining why so many idiots on this planet believe in Gods of any kind and colour?

Panagiotes Baziotopoulos
Athens Greece
+30 6932 288185

G@ttoGiallo said...

Well I've kept Panagiotes comment as a good example of protozoa's blindness.
PPG collects curiosities.

Shen said...

I think GMO will never be safe because living things have the ability to adapt.. thus we will see mutation once GMO is used. We never know what and how will those affected will be changing into or how they will be adopting.

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