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December 08, 2008

ParisPointGriset Banned from Entrecard !

Just received the following message from Entrecard (Limited):

Your account 'ParisPointGriset' on entrecard.com
has been deleted.

The administrator gave the following reason:
Nudity is not permitted on Entrecard.

Prudish, prim and proper deep America, mixing up culture
and obscenity !

At first sight - reading the EC message, I thought they definitely got some
problem lately with all those tweets all around - then I've read the reason
why my account was deleted : nudity ! (see previous post).

As a matter of fact, they deleted G@ttoGiallo's account
which means its 2 blogs !
Effectively, due to Africa's extremely hot climate, G@tto's
African blog risks to feature some nudity as well...
yes, they got a problem at EC.

Yours faithfully,
Feb. 14/2010 update :
PPG has never had as much
visits as since its post on Shibari
and since EntreCard kicked it out.
Curious enough, visitors mostly
came from France.

1 comment:

She Runs said...

Even 'soft' Japanese pornography tends to be much stronger than their Western counterparts.

It would have only been obscene if you had been nude whilst posting your post.

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