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April 18, 2009

NCF Nigeria to restore the Agaja coastline.

"The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)
has embarked on an ambitious coastal restoration
project, involving the removal of the wreckage of
a tanker vessel from the ocean around the Agaja
area of Olomo-Meta in the Ojo Local
Government Area of Lagos State.

According to a statement released by the NCF,
the wreck was the result of an explosion that
occurred aboard the tanker sometime in 1997.
Abandoned by the owners of the vessel since
then, the wreckage has constituted an unwarranted boulder around the coastal baseline,
disrupting the natural hydrological flow of the ocean".
(read more)

Look at this well 12 years ago and nowadays to appreciate the coastal progressive



(Bob & Lisa - from Life in Nigeria, first pointed to this).

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