© 2007-2016

© 2007-2016
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May 30, 2009

Le Mur, in progress !

Last week
and yesterday...

Now the new billboard just waits for a new collage to be pasted on it.


Speaking about street art, the Saint Germain Fair featured the first Paris'
Street Art Night on May 25th...

* Starring

* together with :

VLP, Jérôme Mesnager, Mimi the Clown, FKDL,
Bom-K, Troy Henriksen, Babs, Keag, Sore, Tom
Tom, Gilbert Petit, TRBDSGN,
Stanley Stray Larue,
L’Atlas, Nasty, Teurk, Tanc,
Yaze, Seize, Dacruz,
Ema Tricopathe, Kashink, Dealyt, Ecloze,
Psyckoze, Sun7, Babou.


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