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© 2007-2016
G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

May 07, 2009

On a mission in town...

Yes, in Paris XI...

... somewhere along the Canal St. Martin, which is still my fief,
(below, some canal's inhabitants).

But what about the mission, the very mission ?
Here it is :


and 3...
I finally made my choice, mostly because I have to
give back
the T100 I borrowed to a friend, and the
glorious T3 passed
away in a solarized&violet way,
meaning last shots were both
solarized and violet,
I swear it.

So I definitely left the T series (because I hate large sensitive screens) for
the W series and
elected the W150 as next G@tto's weapon !
Bought through PriceMinister
at Prestige Audio & Video

55, quai de Valmy F-75010 Paris

Now, if you want to buy G@tto a coffee, go and click
on the PriceMinister's widget
at PPG's bottom...
and pax vobiscum !

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