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June 12, 2009

Another Oberkampf's alley, the cité Durmar.

I'm afraid I should have posted this... 3 years ago !

I took these pics in 2006, when the alley's
inhabitants were already suiting
the estate
agency who bought the ground in 2004,
threatening them
of expulsion in favour of
a development plan
(understand : to destroy
a part of Paris heritage

"We, the occupants of the Cité Durmar, need help
to make known the danger we face".

This Alley is in Danger, the banner says.

"The cobblestones in the passageway come from the Bastille and are
classed of historic value worth preserving".
(Thanks to Leonard Pitt)

A little anecdote here : a goose called Sophie was living here in the 90s.
One day she was kidnapped, yes ! but a few days later she was brought
back and from this day on she ended her goosy life, safe, up on a terrace.

"We, the occupants of the Cité Durmar, need help
to make known the danger we face

(... as well as the Paris heritage, I dare to say).

1. Eric Fayolle is a plastician artist and has been living and working in Durmar
for seventeen years.

2. Mrs Anna Ferrié is the doyenne of the alley. She came here... seventy years

Stéphane Quatresous owns l'Atelier 154, a furniture workshop made out of
recycled materials from old factories - (bottom of the passageway).

1. Abderrahmane Sissako, film director and producer, works in cité Durmar.
The firm PER makes recycled packing paper and has been the Hauquier's
family affair for ages.

3. Dominique Buzzacaro is a turner-embosser and has been working in cité
Durmar for forty three years.

1. Jacques Le Scauff, painter, has been living and working in Durmar since 1980.
2. M. Soymehmet owns Soie de Venise, a clothing workshop in there, since 2003.

3. Bahri Simsek works in a clothing workshop since 2000.

(Thanks to Yanng/Picasa, B&W pics' source - all other pics by G@ttoGiallo).

Cité Durmar - 154, rue Oberkampf
Paris XI - M° Ménilmontant.

* Visit another Oberkampf alley, the cité du Figuier.

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