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July 27, 2011

The Black Market of Belleville...

... Illegal, yet so real :

It is a pretty wild and mobile market, generally displaying between the Ménilmontant
and the Belleville subway
stations but, sometimes, it can unexpectedly spread until
the Place du Colonel Fabien

Several hundred residents - exasperated by the noise, and the dirt that devastate the
when hawkers leave the ground - marched on May 21
, between the subway's
of Couronnes and Belleville, to denounce the illegal market that plagues the

Every day, a large number of hawkers settle on the pavement, deploying an incredible
array of items - recoverd from the trash as well as stolen - like secondhand shoes and

clothes, old transistors, pots and broken appliances, cell phones and computers...

and so on.

The City Council and the police headquarters didn't seem, for now, to have found a
to put an end, once for all, to the illegal occupation of the public space.

Then, the urban cleansing services... well, they keep cleaning.

June 20, 2010

A new sushi bar in my fief...

There was no crowd, but they had just opened tonight.

The place is pleasant, the food is fresh, the staff very kind and the menu
is classic, but their prices are competitive in this area.

[The restaurant also provides home delivery].

ID-Fun Sushi > 94, avenue Parmentier, Paris XI
you can both enter by the avenue or from the back, rue Locroy.

Many bars in the Oberkampf area are equipped with huge
. Tonight, the Brazilian team had had it against
the Cote d'Ivoire...

... but when - if ever, Brazil plays
the World Cup final...

the place to be will be
Le Barraçao, in Oberkampf.


May 10, 2010

Beyond Borders and the Bamboo-Book...

PPG's readers already know Phil's fair-trade shop...
[but if you don't, click here or on this post title].

Philippe Casanova, owner of Au-delà des Frontières, specialized
in the import structure of Asian and African handicrafts
, opened
his fair-trade shop after a 10-month trip around the world in 2002.
He is a sustainable development consultant,
graduated from the
universities of Montpellier, France and Mannheim, Germany.

His first book, Le Bambou, will be available in France tomorrow.

'On bamboo and sustainable development' on the WFTO site.
* This new book on bamboo, handicraft and sustainable development will be released in major
French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada) on the occasion of the
2010 World Fair Trade Day.

Your Agenda :

for the book's release,
on May 12, 19:30
Au-delà des Frontières
Showroom - 106 Rue Amelot
Paris XI.

April 10, 2010

Oberkampf turns Latino with the Salsa Caravan !

My fief as a barrio Latino, this week end from 3pm until 2am.

At each stage of the Salsa Caravan, a whole Paris' district becomes a Latin
village invested by thousand salseros
, bachateros, zoukeros and other Latin
dance enthusiasts from all sources.
This time they are investing the Oberkampf area with world salsa, bachata,
zouk, lambazouk, kizomba and reggaeton in a dozen bars of the Oberkampf
and Saint-Maur streets, in Paris XI...

- Le Mecano : Bachata Salsa [6pm-2am]
99, rue Oberkampf
- La Locandiera : Salsa Mix with DJ L'Duro & DJ Manito
145, rue Oberkampf
- L'Antirouille : KIzomba Lambazouk et Salsa
5, rue Moret
- Le Styx : Salsa Latino Mix
126, rue Oberkampf
- Le Quartier Général : Salsa mix with DJ Jacky
103, rue Oberkampf
- Le Youm'bi : Dominican Republic, Latino Hot
112, rue Saint-Maur
- Le Carbet : Caribbean, Zouk and Kizomba
115, rue Saint-Maur
- other bars to confirm...

Several introductory dance courses will be offered to the public.
You just buy a 2-3€ wrist-pass that allows everyone access to all tracks
and dance classes -
Check out the program ★★★

Last summer on the heights of Belleville...


The Salsa Caravan plans to perform in the main Paris districts.
[Petit lexique de la musique cubaine]

March 31, 2010

One more thought on the web for Isabelle

Isabelle Pinpaille, homeless, 15 years in the street, gone on Jan. 31/2010.
Her friend misses her as well as the others guys of her group...

Winter has been very cold this year and alcohol -
let alone the addiction,
seems to be the cheapest way to warm up. Her hearth was so tired, it simply

A Performance for Isabelle

The group Public Commando made a beau
geste, on March 25 :

Early in the morning, they drew Isabelle's
name in giant chalk-white letters on Belleville
boulevard's central sidewalk, between the two
subway stations of Ménilmontant and Couronne,
'as an ephemeral trace of the woman' in the

[Click on map to see Isa on Panoramio/GoogleEarth].

Chalk-white letters, for Isabelle, as white as her last winter's snow.

February 22, 2010

Plumbery Party in Griset.

It has been a week full of anxiety, commotion
and anger,
in Griset, but it all came to a happy
end today
with a "plumbery party" !

Last week, the heater in the bathroom began
to grumble and scream for help :
"I'm too hot, I feel faint, I want to pee and
I'll make a holy mess
if nobody cares for me".

It was critical.

So I gathered a dozen specialists and we formed a committee of inquiry around a
few bottles of Burgundy wine (Volnay) and some appetizers,
in a warm and friendly

After we deliberated, we went to the action : the heating temperature was reduced
and the security group changed.

The night was young, when we broke up, staggering but proud of the accomplished
work. We all agreed with enthusiasm to meet again in a few days -
same bathroom/
same time,
to ease the heater's tank from a few pounds of limestone.
The heater also agreed.


... and one week later :

December 24, 2009

My OberFief is ready for Christmas !

Welcome to my Fief !

Happy Christmas to you all with G@tto's favourite card*...

*click on it, put the sound on and push on deer noses !


December 19, 2009

Last minute Christmas shopping ?

... yes, but in a fair trade shop, of course !

Au-Delà des Frontières/Beyond Borders
- 106, rue Amelot - Paris XI - M° Filles du Calvaire
Commerce Equitable
/Fair Trade

But fair trade Au-delà des Frontières has now an unfair neighbour since Altermundi
opened a new store one month ago, just in front of theirs -
isn't this a "coup bas" ?
(beyond borders/previous post)

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