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April 04, 2010

Shadows hang over Easter 2010

Today, on the front page of Le Figaro...
"Pâques: 4.000 chrétiens à la Défense"

This year, as in 2007, the Sunday following the first full moon after
the beginning of spring falls on the same day in the Gregorian calendar
(the Protestant and Catholic) and Julian (the Orthodox).

Archbishop of Paris, Mgr André Vingt-Trois, made no reference to the
scandals currently rocking the Church.
According to comments reported by the official Vatican newspaper,
L'Osservatore Romano, Archbishop Vingt-Trois denounced at the Mass of Holy Thursday,
"an offensive aimed at destabilizing the Pope and the Church through him."

[AFP - 04/04/2010]

- my Feline and very subjective translation:
"Pâques: 4.000 malvoyants & malentendants à la Défense...
de l'Indéfendable

- from Feline to English translation:
"Easter: 4,000 visually & hearing Impaired in
[at La] Défense...
of the indefensible*."

All the latest and breaking Vatican City news


Nonetheless, Happy Easter 2010 to you all !

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Trotter said...

Hi G@tto! Great report!!

Blogtrotter Two is having a MED break. Enjoy and have a great week!!

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