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April 12, 2010

An aria by Vivaldi for PaPoGris' Music Time...

... L'Olimpiade: Act II/V, aria "Siam navi all'onde algenti"
performed by Aris Christofellis as Aminta.

"Siam navi all' onde algenti
lasciate in abbandono
impetuosi venti i nostri affetti sono,
ogni diletto è scoglio,
tutta la vita un mar.

Ben qual nocchiero in noi
veglia ragion ma poi
pur dall' ondoso orgoglio
si lascia trasportar."

Recorded in Paris, February 1990.

Vivaldi wrote the Olimpiade in 1734 for the Teatro Sant'Angelo in Venice.
The libretto for Olimpiade, one of the most famous librettos of the eighteenth
century, was written by Pietro Metastasio in 1733. It has been set to music in
the same year by Antonio Caldara, then by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi in 1735
and by Leonardo Leo in 1737, as well as by Vivaldi himself.

The Olimpiade was the first of Vivaldi's operas to be exhumed and reproposed
to the international public in the twentieth century.
Alfredo Casella was responsible for its modern-day revival in 1939, as part of
the Siena Musical Week

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