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July 13, 2010

Caro : From the 80s to TED Global-Oxford

Caroline Phillips... Who's That Girl?

Her short [TED]Talk and hurdy-gurdy performance in Oxford captivated
the audience, which asked for an 'encore'...

(After the performance, a musical private party, here on YouTube).

Step back, now : after a little dig in G@tto's archives...
here is young Caro, entering her "Paris period
", in early 80s...

As a girl with multiple talents, she started teaching aerobics, while performing
as a singer in many jazz clubs and private parties, with her pianist friends Stacy
MacAdams or Eddie Goldstein.

Caroline and computers? It all started with an Atari and a 4-track studio recording
in 1987, in a small apartment near the subway station Louvre, where she
to compose, arrange and make demos of her own songs

After a 3-year interlude in California (learning digital orchestration
& harmony), she was back to Paris in 1992 and moved to the
Basque Country (ah, l'amour!)
where, while learning the Basque
language and doing piano bar for a living, she - and Mixel Ducau,
founded the group 'Bidaia' and... gave birth to Alaïa, in 1994.

In 1996 she, well... 'started up' the Phillips Internet Consulting, an
interactive web agency specialized in
consulting, e-marketing and
e-commerce - which is actually her main business
, with headquarters
in Biarritz/Izarbel and offices in Bordeaux and Paris.

* Caroline Phillips is also very involved in local business & politics - have a look at her autobiography
to know more.

But it doesn't stop there, Caro learned to play hurdy-gurdy; Bidaia
became a duo; Caro and Mix created a Disco dance group - just
for the fun; then Caro turned to yoga and immediately broadcasted
YogaMassala, a site dedicated to
yoga practice at home, launching
at the same time her original line of yoga clothing.


Is there anything else?
Yes, guess who's organizing a TEDx happening in Basque Country?
... Caroline Phillips
, of course !

TEDx BasqueCountry Biarritz on November 13/2010 - don't miss it !

Bidaia offers you the free dawnload
of their album 'Oihan', ('Forest' in the
Basque language)...


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