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May 30, 2009

Susan Dreamed a Dream... becoming true ?

"Boyle, from the small town of Blackburn
in West Lothian, Scotland, won international
acclaim for her performance of I Dreamed a
Dream, from Les Miserables, at her audition
which aired in April on the first show.
An estimated 20 million viewers are expected
to tune in to watch the live final of ITV's Talent
(Simon Alford)

Susan Boyle performing in April...
Grand Final Tonight !
Later update :
Piped to the post by "Diversity", Susan Boyle can hold her head up high
with Second Place.
The Little Tiger's journey has only begun !


December 31, 2007

Pop Culture for the End of the Year !

- I t a l y -
Benigni acting his best role.

Dante is now in good hands since Benigni started
sharing The Divine Comedy with Tom, Dick & Harry.

Piazza Santa Croce, Firenze, (on TV Dec 25/07)

RAI 1 Studios, Nov 29/07

- F r a n c e -

FONA >Front d'Opposition à la Nouvelle Année

Say NO to 2008 !
GANY >Group Against the New Year
No more dictatorship of the New Year !

(Bof !)

And a little fun from... abroad.




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