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© 2007-2016
G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

November 22, 2008

French Spiderman performs in China...

Alain Robert performed yesterday in Shanghai, climbing
the 420 meters/87 stories Jinmao Tower in Pudang area
then going straight to jail on his way back to chinese
... the usual routine with a happy end : the police
was fair enough - with French Consulate - and released
him today.

In 1998, after climbing a tower in Tokyo he spent 5 days
in prison - instead of 20, thanks to... the French Embassy.

See on Wikipedia the international stunning deals of a man
suffering from vertigo.

Alain Robert SOLO URBAN CLIMBING world tour.


Well, once upon a time young G@tto bypassed mother's permission
to go out with friends... as a spidergatto - from a 2nd floor balcony,
a rainy eve, not bad, uh ?
On his way back, no police, no reporters, just a furious mother.

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