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November 03, 2008

You're Under Arrest Gainsbourg...

"French President François Mitterrand said of him, "He was our Baudelaire, our
Apollinaire... He elevated the song to the level of art.
His home at the well-known address 5bis rue de Verneuil is still covered in graffiti
and poems".


Serge Gainsbourg - You're under arrest
(Live Zenith 1989)

One more version...

and a third one showing stock shots from his public life and featuring

Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Rangier (the Rita Mitsouko), his
Charlotte, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin, Vanessa Paradis...

"Since his death (a heart attack on March 1991), Gainsbourg's music has reached
legendary stature in France. His lyrical brilliance in French has left an extraordinary
legacy. His music, always progressive, covered many styles : jazz, ballads, mambo,
lounge, reggae, pop (including adult contemporary pop, kitsch pop,
yé-yé pop,
'80s pop, pop-art pop, prog pop, space-age pop, psychedelic pop, and erotic pop),
calypso, Africana, bossa nova, and rock and roll.
He has gained a following in the English-speaking world with many non-mainstream
artists finding his arrangements highly influential".


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