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© 2007-2014
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September 04, 2008

David's summer vacation...

This is the David everybody knows...
I mean, until last July, when he packed up
for a 2 months "cultural" sojourn in the States.

Now, this is David, back at work, in September...

Spaghetti or hamburger ?
Any comments ?

(Sent to G@tto by mail)

December 31, 2007

Pop Culture for the End of the Year !

- I t a l y -
Benigni acting his best role.

Dante is now in good hands since Benigni started
sharing The Divine Comedy with Tom, Dick & Harry.

Piazza Santa Croce, Firenze, (on TV Dec 25/07)

RAI 1 Studios, Nov 29/07

- F r a n c e -

FONA >Front d'Opposition à la Nouvelle Année

Say NO to 2008 !
GANY >Group Against the New Year
No more dictatorship of the New Year !

(Bof !)

And a little fun from... abroad.




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