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February 06, 2008

Nigerian Photographer Andrew Esiebo exhibition in Paris

Andrew Esiebo is one of Nigeria's young contemporary photographers working on portraits of urban life and his country's culture and heritage.
His works has been featured in several local and international publications including Photoblogs Magazine USA, United Nations Global Report on Human Settlements and Voiceworks, Australia. His recent works on Nigeria Culture and Natural Heritage were published in November 2006 by Laia Libros, Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with UNESCO. Also, his works have been featured at various local and international photography shows in Nigeria, Ghana, France and Syria. He his a member of Black Box photographers collective of Nigeria.

"Et si la rue était à l’origine du Football ?"
(What if Football was born in the street ?)
You are invited to the public exhibition of Andrew Esiebo's photographic work on football...
so don't forget the 2008 African Cup of Nations !

Turn up your speakers and listen !
... and then take a look at Beautiful Naija. (no more code to embed on blogs).

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