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© 2007-2016
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February 10, 2008

Let's Fractalize Now

Everybody knows what fractals are... you just think to broccoli - you take the whole or the infinitesimal part, the structure won't change. Behind broccoli you find mathematics.

Every day at a few minutes past midnight (Wisconsin time), a new fractal is automatically generated by a variation of Julien C. Sprott's program.
The figure above is today's fractal with a code that identifies it according to a scheme described by Julien.

February 2008/10th' Fractal
February 2009/9th' Fractal
February 2008/8th' Fractal
February 2008/7th' Fractal
February 2008/6th' Fractal
(Older Fractals of the Day are saved in an archive).

Inspire yourself, visit Chaos Demonstrations, Strange Attractors (red/blue glasses), More Strange Attractors, Julia Sets, Quadratic Map Basins, Iterated Function Systems, Strange AttractorSymmetric Icons, Newsgroup Collection, Animated Gif Attractors, Natural Fractals, Publication Quality Attractors.

Now I assume you want to start and create fractals yourselves, so here you can find a large choice of programs.
And last but not least : Fractal Music !
"Fractal Window I" was created and copyrighted © 1996 by Forrest Fang using Robert Greenhouse's program, The Well-Tempered Fractal,


Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I Frattali mi rendono ubriaco ma mi piacciono. Grazie per le informazioni!

Anonymous said...

je vois que tu a mangé de droles de champignons :-)

Anonymous said...

arrete les champignons :-)


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