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June 01, 2008

Hot night at EntreCard datacenter, but Le Mur...

Outage: There was a fire at our datacenter resulting in the failure of some
of our systems, our database server appears to be offline still, we're working
on it and we're really sorry about the issues at this time. more information
arriving shortly.

Update: The outage is pretty serious, you can read more about the datacenter
fire at ThePlanet forums. They've got teams of people there and they're
working through the night. We have no ETA at this time, very sorry.
(Served from s02).

Nevertheless, Le Mur Oberkampf...

... was updated as planned, on Saturday, May the 31st !


Karlonia said...

Fortunately, it looks like Entrecard is back up and functioning pretty well now, so it seems that the outage has simply given us a one-day vacation from our dropping routines. For me this was a welcome break because I managed to log in shortly after the site came back online and was able to scoop up some relatively inexpensive advertising deals.

G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said...

You clever, Karlonia.

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