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© 2007-2016
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June 16, 2008

Hot Eve at La Bellevilloise!

Tonight, June 15th, was the end of 'Paris Onze Bouge' Festival...
[Paris 11 or Paris onze, gives 'on se bouge', for let's move, let's swing...
In short,
let's say
Swinging Eleven !

FireTongue featured at La Bellevilloise tonight with 9 other
very good musicians
and... the whole concert was like a hellish
ride on a motor unit,
with the brass section embroidering their
phrases around
the leading beat which rumbled through your
stomach from the beginning
until the end !

Unfortunately, no one seems to have published a video of the performance, nor did I
because of memory card problems... but the atmosphere is the same in the following
videos. Enjoy it.

More on Charles Delangue: AfroBeat/Swing and Spiritual Beats, and for a good info
page, go to African Path.


in a whirl outside !
... just before the concert.


'La Bellevilloise' in a picture dated 1910... and NOW
[click to see the diffrent parts]

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