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© 2007-2016
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June 09, 2008

Torino hosts the Coffee Roots...

An open air exhibition in Piazza San Carlo, Torino,
presents the work of 3 photographers who followed
the coffee trail... and made a book with the pictures
of their fabulous journey.

(ptoto by Fabrizio)

You're free to take a look to the Coffee Roots book, promoted by Lavazza.
I did it - in my quality of coffee lover - and found something curious in the Indonesian
coffee, the kopi
*luwak brand.

The Coffee Critic tells you the story.
You maybe want to fly to Java tomorrow and taste it. If you like it, there are two possibilities:
ou breed a luwak at home for your daily kopi or, which is easier but more expensive, you
buy your kopi at AnimalCoffee,

*Kopi luwak is a unique gourmet coffee
that is processed in the stomach of a wild
animal, after which it is hand collected
from the floor of the Sumatran jungle.

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