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January 17, 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner ?

His life's credo : being a medium between people and societies.

Jim's Sunday Dinners

Every week for the past 30 years, I've hosted a Sunday dinner
in my home in Paris. People, including total strangers, call or
e-mail to book a spot.
I hold the salon in my atelier, which used
to be a sculpture studio.
The first 50 or 60 people who call may come, and twice that
many when the weather is nice and we can overflow into the
Every Sunday a different friend prepares a feast.
Last week it was a philosophy student from Lisbon, and next
week a dear friend from London will cook.

People from all corners of the world come to break bread together, to meet, to talk, connect
and often become friends.
All ages, nationalities, races, professions gather here, and since there is no organized
seating, the opportunity for mingling couldn't be better. I love the randomness.

I believe in introducing people to people... (more)

Guests at his Sunday dinners have included Allen Ginsberg, Robert Crumb (remember
Fritz the Cat ?),
Molly Ivins.

Jim Haynes was born in Louisiana,
- ran a bookstore in Scotland,
- created a theater company in London,
- launched a newspaper in Amsterdam
- and taught media studies in Paris.
(full biography - hold tight !)

Jim likes jazz and recommends the Swan Bar in Montparnasse.

In a less intimate way than Jim's - say "6 billion Others"...

are supposed to meet each other, virtually, following Yann Arthus Bertrand's Project.

Discover YAB's project on the site - (English version soon).

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