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January 31, 2009

Music Time !

Nine By Nine, by John Dummer Famous Music Band
A rare record and a G@tto's huge coup de cœur in 1970.

... sorry, :
so just close your eyes and listen...


Violinist - Nick Pickett (Nine by Nine)
John Dummer - Drums
Dave Kelly - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Pearce - Guitar
Steve Rye - Harp, Vocals
Tony Walker - Bass
Bob Hall - Piano
John O'Leary - Harp
Thunder Thompson - Bass
Tony McPhee - Guitar
Adrian Pietryga - Guitar



mikeacoyle said...

I hadn't heard of them. Enjoyed the clip. Always nice finding out about new musicians.

G@ttoGiallo said...

New musicians... in fact, I'm afraid they've disappeared from the stages longtime ago.

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