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January 25, 2009

Which new Sony camera for G@tto ?

It has to be small, slim and light so I can keep it in my jeans' pocket.

My present camera is a Sony T3 (zoom x 4,
wide 38, tele 114, 5.1 Mpx) :
a cool one until
I've tried the T100 (zoom x 5, wide 35, tele 175,
8.1 Mpx) just one
year later, but I did't want to
change my camera so soon or each time I fall
in love with
another one.

Now it's time, but the Sony landscape is overcrowded with touch screens
and I prefer buttons. I've spent hours examining T200, T300, T500 and
, all equipped with sensitive screens, and anyway their specifications
don't match with my needs

Finally, my preferred one is still the T100 -
best tele & zoom for such a compact camera,
only it's too late... they have disappeared !

Your suggestions are welcome.


mikeacoyle said...

Hope it works well. I await the photos on this site!
Carla Bruni was on Italian tv last night being interviewed (Che tempo che fa).

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Io ho acquistato una Canon Ixus 85 IS a 170 Euro con borsa e una scheda in omaggio. Ha fatto delle bellissime foto però... Però... La mia passione in fatto di compatte (sarà che ho sempre avuto quelle) è Sony e se tornassi indietro acquisterei la Sony DSC-W170 che sta, come la Canon, nella tasca dei jeans e che costa più o meno lo stesso prezzo.

G@ttoGiallo said...

Però, Fab, max tele 140, contro i 175 del T100... che non si trova più (sto facendo il filo a degli amici per farmelo rivendere).

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