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December 31, 2009

Perfect moment for Brasato & Polenta...

or wine braised beef and polenta for a promising end of the year's dinner.

How to - following G@tto's suggestions...
Meat :
* you need a piece of stewing beef, previously marinated (all night long) in red
wine, with chopped leek, carrot and parsley;

* keep aside the marinade, roll the meat in some flour and brown it in hot olive
with chopped chilli and garlic;
* add the marinade and sear on high heat, then add vegetable broth and some
tomato puree;
* bring to a boil, then lower the heat, cover the pot and cook for a couple of hours.
Polenta :
* Pour slowly 250 gr of coarse-grain polenta into 1 L of salted water, stirring
* transfer all in an oven pot covered with aluminium paper to complete the cooking.
The polenta is ready when thick and creamy.

... à table !

and Happy 2010 at La Bellevilloise

19/21 rue Boyer, Paris 20th

Featuring :
* Zalindé (Paris)
* Dj TOM B. (avenida brasil - Paris)
* Dj DOCA (alternativo brasil - Genève)

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