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February 05, 2010

Soirée baroque in an Eiffel building

As announced two days ago...

... tonight at the Mulliez gallery* :

2 musicians and 2 dancers unveiled, if necessary,
the splendor and beauty
of the
Baroque amusette in some unusual and offbeat way...

... a surprising combination of the accordion (Michel Glasko) - an eminently
popular instrument and an effective alternative to the Baroque basso continuo
- with
the embroidery of the flute and tenor vocals (Jean-Christophe Hurtaud).

Flora Sans and Caroline Ducrest performed this eve some court & theater
dances' solos and duets, mostly based on Baroque choreography, written
two hundred years ago by the dancing masters Pécour, Feuillet, l'Abbé.

The Baroque dance notation was published by Raul-Auger Feuillet
in 1700 and allows us today to rediscover the original choreography.


* Previous PPG's post about the Mulliez gallery.

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