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February 22, 2010

Plumbery Party in Griset.

It has been a week full of anxiety, commotion
and anger,
in Griset, but it all came to a happy
end today
with a "plumbery party" !

Last week, the heater in the bathroom began
to grumble and scream for help :
"I'm too hot, I feel faint, I want to pee and
I'll make a holy mess
if nobody cares for me".

It was critical.

So I gathered a dozen specialists and we formed a committee of inquiry around a
few bottles of Burgundy wine (Volnay) and some appetizers,
in a warm and friendly

After we deliberated, we went to the action : the heating temperature was reduced
and the security group changed.

The night was young, when we broke up, staggering but proud of the accomplished
work. We all agreed with enthusiasm to meet again in a few days -
same bathroom/
same time,
to ease the heater's tank from a few pounds of limestone.
The heater also agreed.


... and one week later :

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