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June 29, 2013

59 minutes of India in Paris' cité Griset

A screening of "VÂYU" [Air], a 1994 movie by Velu Viswanadhan, closes today the exhibition 
dedicated to the Indian painter at the Pascaline Mulliez gallery
(The film will be presented by Pierre Eugène - film critic and PhD in Film Studies at 'Jules Verne University', 


2010 - MG Road to Dandi, Crosswinds production
2009 - What happens in heavens, Croswinds production
Retour aux éléments, Méroé Films / ARTE / Centre Pompidou 
Pushed, Chorégraphie Padmini Chettur, Crosswinds production 
2006 - Inhabit, Chorégraphie Preethi Atreya, Crosswinds production 
2005 - Paper Doll, Choreographie Padmini Chettur, Crosswinds production 
2004 - Solo, Chorégraphie : Padmini Chettur, Crosswinds production 
Tsunami at Cholamandal, Fishermens’ Village, Crosswinds production 
2003 - Raja Rani, Crosswinds production  
2002 - Ether / Aakaash, Production Viswanadhan / Centre Pompidou 
2001 - Des Mains de Calcutta, Crosswinds production   
1994 - Air / Vayu,  Production Le Jour et la Nuit / ARTE / Centre Pompidou 
1988 - Agni / Feu, Production Viswanadhan / Centre Pompidou 
1985 - Eau / Ganga, Production Viswanadhan / Centre Pompidou  
1976-1982 - Sable, Production Viswanadhan / Centre Pompidou

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April 25, 2013

Viswanadhan featured at Pascaline Mulliez Gallery

The Pascaline Mulliez Gallery 
is pleased to present 
a selection of works 
by the artist 
Velu Viswanadhan

These works cover the period from 1990 
to 2004. 

Opening on April 25 - until June 29, 2013


Why and how were these works chosen?   

 I discovered Viswanadhan recently. The artist, however, has been around for quite some time, stopping in Paris in the 
1960s, where he was noticed and supported by a major Paris gallery. In 2012, at the Fernand Léger Gallery (Ivry-sur-
Seine), I saw his paintings for the first time, which left me both confused and astonished, a sign that his work was taking 
me along paths to places I had never before explored. Among the works shown, one in particular caught my attention, 
and it is from this work (dated 2001) that the selection being exhibited here today was constituted. This selection covers 
a pivotal period in the development of Viswanadhan’s art.

The background of the paintings of that period is white, while the pigments used come from India. Green, red, yellow 

ochre and blue mixed with casein are applied in wide, flat transparent or opaque strokes, organising the painting 
geometrically. Through layer after layer of brush strokes, a subtle play of colours slowly appears. Visually, the 
sensations are shimmering, almost earthy. Varying transparencies and opacities are irregularly woven into the painting, 
inventing endlessly new tonalities and giving off a rare brightness.

Viswanadhan stands over the stretched canvas when he works, a position that he had already adopted as a child, 

when he was tracing the signs of tantric rituals in the sand. Large brush strokes infuse the space of his painting with a 
rhythm, which the artist regularly brings to a halt at the centre of his work, or almost. This simple act suffices to introduce 
an irregular element into the geometric design created by the alternating application of colours. Slowly and regularly, the
strokes follow the same movement, straight and repetitive, while the body moves and revolves around the canvas 
placed on the floor or on a table in the artist’s studio.

The selection of works by Velu Viswanadhan proposed here aims to show the point where the achievements of Indian

culture come together with those of contemporary art; a point of precious equilibrium between uniqueness and 

     Pascaline Mulliez

[Translation Beatrix de Koster, April 2013]


And on Friday, April 26th 
[Trio Polycordes on Fb]
at 8:30 pm...

As part of the exhibition, a concert will be
given by the 'Trio Polycordes':
- Florentino Calvo, mandolin 
- Sandrine Chatron, harp 
- Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther, guitar
The trio will play some pieces of Félix
Ibarrondo in the occasion of his 70th 
anniversary, in the presence of the 
composer himself.


February 16, 2012

'Chansons Coquines' at Pascaline Mulliez Gallery...

It was today, in the occasion of the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the painter
Jean-Paul Laixhay's work [Feb. 16 to April 7/2012].

Discovered by Peter Brook in the Tragedy of Carmen at the Bouffes du Nord Paris'
mezzo-soprano Hélène Delavault allies humour, perfect body language
a sharp tongue
well adapted to such a malicious repertoire:
'Couleur Absinthe', Chansons Incorrectes, which means... 'not very correct' songs.

In this video, Hélène performs L'Amour au Passé Défini, Cyrille Lehn is at the piano.
(music Vincent Scotto, lyrics Géo Koger).
If you understand French, advanced French, you'll really enjoy
every single word!
Here are the lyrics.


As a matter of fact...
Today is the 5th PPG's Anniversary !

October 16, 2011

The Mulliez Art Gallery features Bobby Few...

First "Jazz in the Living Room"
at Pascaline Mulliez Gallery, in Griset, Paris XI...

Featuring on Oct 13, 8pm
and Oct 16, 4:30pm:
- Ammon Moore, vocals
- Bobby Few, piano
- Harry Swift, bass

Exhibition: 'Confrontations'
Oct. 12 - Dec. 17 2011
- Eugène Leroy,
- Jean-Paul Riopelle,
- Jean-Pierre Ransonnet,
- Robert Clévier

I really wanted to go, but actually couldn't...
I'm sorry this time there isn't any G@tto's images
of of the exhibition, nor of the
only this Bobby Few 3-year old video.

... and THIS ONE, taken in the 80s at a 'Dunois' jazz'* eve :
with Bobby Few, piano
Alan Silva, bass
and Muhamad Ali, drums
[I still have some b&w pics of that show, in my archive... to be digitalized].
*(such a nostalgic site!)
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PM Art Gallery.

May 20, 2011

Four Living Legends of Indian Contemporary Art

Four documentary films, directed by Laurent Brégeat, on four of the founding artists
of Indian contemporary art: M.F. Hussain, Ram Kumar, Akbar Padamsee, S.H. Raza.
A Lalit Kala Akademi production of Arts (National Akademi of Arts, New Delhi).
Tomorrow, May 21/2011 at Auditorium INHA, Galerie Colbert
6, rue des Petits Champs / 2, rue Vivienne - 75002 Paris

Four "self-portraits" captured on the spot, where each artist puts his eyes back on his life,
what ultimately remains essential in his art.

Laurent Brégeat reveals the history of the artists' beginnings, their challenges,
their landmarks and highlights their lives, referring friends and events, thoughts
and anecdotes, lessons and influences.
Underpinned by inteviews with art critics, collectors and artists, supported by
unpublished documents, these films - drawing together the historical and sociological context
of these great Indian artists of the post-independence era and showing the journey of a hinge
generation - are essential for the history of Indian and international art.

These films are part of the international symposium of the Research Center on the Far East
of Paris-Sorbonne (CREOP) Heritage of India: research perspectives.
This first series will be followed in 2011 by another set, covering a broad
cultural project:
the Archive of Contemporary Indian Art.

Miss Gunjan Gupta, LKA Library - Phone: +91 11
Laurent Brégeat : bregeat@gmail.com - Cell: 06 07 50 14 87

* M.F. Hussain helped put Indian art on global map but was forced into exile by conservatives.
( Al Jazeera, June 9/2011).

May 10, 2011

Elana Gutmann's Talking Trees...

Elana Gutmann is a painter and printmaker whose work
has evolved to include photography, video and installation
A first-generation American artist with roots in Eastern and
Europe, Gutmann began exhibiting her work in Europe and
America in 1989.
"My paintings and drawings are both inquiry and discovery, each voyage
- part memory, part fantasy. The process is dialectic, the investigation of
truth through discussion, a conversation between the work and me (then
the work and the viewer). Choices are made, revisited, some removed.
Their traces remain. Colour jumps
to form, form instigates colour, relation
ships occur over a period of hours, days and months.
They manifest in a "story" - a visual tale."

Clairière, the Talking Trees, - Elana Gutmann's last project
is "an
installation work that employs language, symbol and
sound to evoke migration and the rich results of the movement
of culture individual from place to place."
< video

Although Clairière is to be first viewed in the exhibition LandArt, Basel, it is designed to
travel to multiple sites thereafter.

* [This project will only be funded if at least $ 12,000 is pledged by Thursday Aug 4, 3:18pm EDT].

April 14, 2011

Tarbouriech at the KM3

Opening on Friday > April 29/2011, 7:30 pm...

Nadine Tarbouriech exhibition at KM3 in Ivry artists' area
107, rue Molière - 94200 Ivry s/Seine
... which is just next door from Viswanadhan's studio, check the MAP.

Nadine told me today that their [Nadine & Viswa] next sojourn in India is planned late June
and that she was offered a personal exhibition in Delhi in early September.


September 19, 2010

Spotlight on Viswanadhan in his Paris studio...

This week end, the Ivry workshops were open to visitors for the 2010 "Pleins Feux
sur Ivry
" annual event.

The weather was beautiful today, so I could leave at home my yellow fur and enjoy
the sun in my walk from the subway station - across the parc des Cormailles...

and the passerelle Müller - to the workshops, and then reach Viswa's place, unnoticed,
among the
crowd of visitors.

A workshop is first a space where the artist create, alone... but once a year its door
opens to the outside world.

People visiting Viswanadhan mostly are - or they become - friends.
The welcome is always very warm and there is no age limit...

myspace graphic at Gickr
... and when Viswa discusses painting with youngsters, this can be very animated...
I dare to say !

"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"...

Velu Viswanadhan
... by yours faithful G@tto

Next visit: Nadine Tarbouriech studio.

Spotlight on Nadine Tarbouriech studio...

The building is located a few feet away from the passerelle Müller, which straddles
the railway, and is provided with a terrace from where one discovers a striking Paris

Here we are, at 44, rue Jules Vanzuppe - Ivry-sur-Seine -

Some statues are exhibited in the entrance lobby...

... and Nadine Tarbouriech workshop is # 22 on 2nd floor.

Before I leave, I told Nadine that - he he ! - I had solved (from the terrace)
the mystery of her source of inspiration for her painting's "square structure"...

> >
... but she laughed !
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