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© 2007-2016
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January 06, 2010

Buttocks eve on Arte...

... or the hidden face of the bottom throughout
art, psychoanalysis, sociology,
semiology and,
of course, human history.

How this (usually) hidden region of our body
unveils the roots of society,
its taboos, desires
and power struggles

The book/arte
The documentary/arte

(EponimoTV - fr)

"La Face Cachée des Fesses"
Directors : Caroline Pochon et Allan Rothschild

Co-production : ARTE France/Un monde meilleur

France (2009, 55 mn)

The Telegraph takes aim at French Fesses (documentary)...
As one internet commentator noted, "Between swine flu, minarets, Sarkozy
and the debate on national identity, here at last is a subject that gives pleasure."

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