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January 23, 2010

Look and think about... China today.

This movie was first released on Jan 21st 2010, and was banned 2 days later on all major
Chinese video websites.

DigiCha says : ... "Google’s recent moves in China have captured global attention about
censorship and Internet controls in China, eliciting protests from inside and outside China.
But there is a much more entertaining protest about China’s web controls circulating on the
Internet :
网瘾战争 War of Internet Addiction”. It is an hour long video, “shot” almost entirely with
in-game video from World of Warcraft, satirizing the government’s attempt to “harmonize”
China’s Internet with forced installations of “Green Dam Youth Escort” and the travails of
Chinese World of Warcraft players over the last several months.
It is quite brilliant".


This video contains a lot of Chinese history and pop culture references along with a lot
of internet meme only known to Chinese since this video is targeted at the Chinese
audience only.
If you wish to understand a bit more, you should read> more info...


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