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January 06, 2010

More than Avatar's story, the 3D technology.

Eventually, a few days ago, I was dragged to see Avatar on a cold, very cold
evening. A Siberian wind was blowing on quai de Seine as we reached the MK2
movie theater, where we had to wait outdoor for twenty minutes prior to be
allowed inside.

It was so cold we even met a white bear, standing on a ridiculous but real
fragment of ice field
, floating on the Villette channel and he was shaking too,
his fur messed up with
the wind whirls.
My camera freezed in my hand, refusing to release the shutter,
so no bear
picture, sorry.

As a result, when I wanted a picture of the 3D spectacles, I had a blurry
due to condensation, but I was there for special effects, after all.

Now, about Avatar... happily I was primarily attracted by the movie's 3D effects
which are fantastic and I can't wait this technology to be applied to interesting
by a less commercial film director than Cameron and not necessarily
exploring virtual worlds.

Nonetheless, I liked the idea of avatars as a way to enter a virtual environment
and was charmed by those little creatures jellyfish-like, dancing in the air and
almost touching the audience in their seats, but
I disliked the antropomorphic
view of Pandora, where human feelings are copied and pasted on its inhabitants'
In short, the story is nothing but a fairy tale following the old good/evil
with the final triumph of the good.

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* 1935 anagliph 3D with red & cyan glasses was nice too...


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