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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

May 31, 2008

A wink at TorinoDailyPhoto !

What about a Métro, U-Bahn, Subway Picture Show ?
Fabrizio already gave the kick off on TorinoDailyPhoto

Up ! Down !
... but no reactions !

May 21, 2008

Commerce Equitable... et Apéro !

Expo-Vente Ethno-Ethique
vernissage le 21 mai "au delà des frontières"
beyond borders, fair trade
avec l'apéro traditionnel
très apprécié par les clients
excellent pour la vie du quartier
Au-delà des Frontières, Commerce Equitable
106, rue Amelot - Paris XI

May 19, 2008

Little India in Passage Brady...

This post for indian cooking lovers

The Passage Brady cuts bld. de Strasbourg
from fbg St. Denis to fbg. St. Martin
This is the section going from fbg. St. Martin to bld. de Strasbourg At Velan shop for catering,
you can find indian items miscellanea, from food to saris
When you're finished with your shopping you just cross the way,
seat down at Passage de Pondichéry and look at the menu...
... a large choice of north and south indian dishes is
just waiting for you to taste... good appetite !
all the shop are closed now,
and Brady's ready to go to bed.
Next time (asap) I'd like to try some Kerala dishes,
which is possible if you ask one day ahead by phone.

(Passage Brady - M° Chateau-d'Eau)

Last year, on November 8th, around 3am, a major fire broke out in an apartment building
overlooking the alley's glass roof. 150 firemen had a hard work until 7 in the morning.

(by moaspress)

And now, (thanks to Victor), a bit of the daily atmosphere in Brady...

Un film d'étude réalisé par Victor Dixmier sur le passage Brady : un coin d'Inde et de Pakistan
au coeur de Paris, ses restos, son épicerie de Pondichéry, sa lumière et sa somptueuse
See also Paris' Ganesha fair.

May 17, 2008

Le Mur MissTic

Miss Tic - May 17/2008

je t'ai fait marcher
je t'ai fait courir
je te ferai tomber

A Cats-and-Fishes Party at Charly's

There is a fish shop in rue Oberkampf, only one...

but Charly happens to be the best Paris fishermonger of the year, according to famous

Charly likes parties and last wednesday he gathered (one more time) his customers
around a cat pics' exhibition in his shop for a gorgeous "apéritif".

(CatPics by Valérie Naretto)

(F3/DailyMotion Video)
Poissonnerie Lacroix - 44, rue Oberkampf/Paris XI.

May 14, 2008

Italian BITTER at La Locandiera

Not the original San Pellegrino...
but... I so cruelly missed it, I don't care, I like it all the same !

Actually Morad* ordered Bitter "aperitivo" under G@tto's request, yes !
and this was my First One !

*La Locandiera : 145, rue Oberkampf - Paris XI.

Ah ! gorgeous !

If you still don't know what a San Bitter is...

take a look to some customer reviews.

Here is a 2006 San Bitter TV commercial...


I saw this in a shop window somewhere near the Arab World Institute,

the little red bottles as a lamp shade... nice idea, uh?

* * *

May 13, 2008

Around Ieoh Ming Pei's Pyramid with G@tto

Time to stroll about Paris sacred geometry...

Then G@tto jumps
from Pei's pyramides to Buren's checkers...
... and from Buren's checkers, hop !
to Pol Bury's spheres !
What's next ?

May 08, 2008

Trad Vibe Flavaz at Café des Sports

hip-hop, soul, jazz & funk from 9 pm to 2 am

Café des Sports
94, rue de Ménilmontant/19e
M° Ménilmontant ou Gambetta

dance, Russian Violetta... dance !
(View more pics on YellowCat'sClub)

Just listen... they are good !
Moar & Friends Live @ Fuzz'Yon

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